Honor Roll

Troop 152 Honor Roll

The Eagles live at the top of the mountain

Twas the Eagle they chose, as a symbol of strength for a new and mighty land.
That was forged in Truth, and Liberty; delivered by God’s own hand.
That Eagle stands for Integrity and Pride throughout our age.
To remind us of the wars we’ve fought for freedom and the price we’ve paid.
And so it was when Lord Powell called on his troop of boys to be men,
That this symbol so strong, so pure and so proud was called to serve again.
Not every Scout can wear this badge, in fact they are but few
Who rise above their peers today to remind us of what is true.
That Loyalty and being good will always be our aim,
That Courage and Faith are the best of us, that the Eagle knows no shame.
These honored few who wear this badge walk among us to this day.
To exemplify the very best that we strive for, so now we pray;
That God will bless and keep these Scouts always in His sight.
For it is they, not us who know it best, the Eagle stands for Right.

Tom Lalor


T152 Honor Roll


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