3Bs : Book / Binder / Badge (Download pdf)

Scouts are expected to always bring the three B’s with them to every meeting:

B – the “Book”, is the official Boy Scout Manual. Keep signoffs for rank advancements in your book. Mark the sides of the book with your last name. Keep it in a heavy-duty Zip Lock bag when camping.

B – the three ring Binder for meeting notes, handouts and other materials. Remember, the Scout uniform is not complete without a small supply of paper plus a pen or pencil.

B – and, the Badge. This is the Merit Badge Book you are currently working on.


Others at Sabattis

First Year Ideas

First Aid Basketry Dog Care
Camping Canoeing Music
Family Life Cooking Pets
Citizenship in the Community Leatherworking Reading
Citizenship in the Nation Fishing Scholarship
Citizenship in the World Forestry Sculpture
Communications Geology Snow Sports
Personal Fitness Mammals
Environmental Science Metalwork Others, Write In:
Personal Management Oceanography
One of: Pioneering
Emergency Preparedness Reptile Study
Lifesaving Rifle
One of: Shotgun
Swimming Small Boats
Hiking Soil/Water Conservation
Cycling Wilderness Survival

Note: Underline means it’s typically offered at Sabattis summer camp. These may be fun to do up at camp. Bold are recommended for consideration for first year scouts. First Aid, Camping, & Canoeing may be started immediately, but take a bit longer to complete. Kick off with the merit badges of highest personal interest. Quickly thereafter start in on the required list.

Merit badge listings (includes many but not all) – http://meritbadge.org/index.php?title=Merit_Badges

Very handy worksheets for many merit badges – http://meritbadge.org/index.php?title=Merit_Badge_Worksheets

Troop Counselor list – see the link on the Troop site – http://t152.org

Books – troop library box on the equipment sled or at the local scout trading post – K-Mart shopping plaza Mattydale. Do not buy too far ahead as requirements do change. One to three at a time is a smart idea.

Fill this out with a few merit badges you would like to work on over the next several months.

Merit Badge

Have the Worksheets?

Have the Book?



My Target Completion Date

Golf (example)


Not Needed

Mr. Smith

This spring!